Why do you cost more than the other companies?

Because we spend more on you!  This is the only raft trip we do.  We spare no expense to make this trip the best!  This is what we hang our hat on, we don’t compromise.  We eat lunch at the biggest rapid of the day and we get to re-run that rapid as many times as you like (no other company has that privilege).

Is April still cookin’ that great fried chicken?

Yep!  Plus honey-basted biscuits, fresh squeezed lemonade, an amazing surprise dessert, and our very own blend of trail mix all cooked fresh that morning.  We also have an amazing vegetarian option so be sure to add that on to your reservation.  You’re responsible for any other dietary needs.

Is Greg still telling the same jokes?


How long is the trip?

You are on the river 3.5 to 4 hours including lunch time.  It takes 45 minutes travel each way.  So we usually get back around 5:30.

Is there a lot of paddling?

No, the river flows fast.  The first half of the trip is where all the good whitewater is and the rest is primarily a scenic float trip with a few more smaller rapids.

Will I get wet and cold?

Wet?  Soaked!  Cold?  No, the temperature on the river averages 10 degrees warmer than Banner Elk and receives half the amount of rainfall.  The weather is usually very hot and dry, but we do provide waterproof sweaters and ponchos for everyone in case you get a little chilly.

What about bad weather in the forecast?

We still go.  The river is in Elizabethton, TN and it hardly ever rains there.  If it does rain,  it’s usually gone in 15 to 20 minutes and besides, you’re going to get wet anyway!  If you want to check the weather,  check for Elizabethton, TN and look at the weather between 1:00 Pm and 4:30 PM.

What do I wear?

Shorts, t-shirt, shoes (or river sandals)…….Something you don’t mind getting wet in.  Oh yeah, don’t wear flip flops cause they just get lost.

Does the river go in a circle?

No, that’s called a moat.

How can anyone be as nice and beautiful as Danielle?

She’s an angel!

How do you hire such great people?

Lots of people want to work here, so I check their health habits and values and make sure they are crazy enough.  Most of our guides come from High Country Young Life.

Are you the company that gets to re-run the Anaconda rapid?

Yes!  And you can ride rodeo if you’re crazy enough.

Is there enough water?

Yep!  The river is dam controlled and the TVA guarantees us good water for rafting every day except Sunday.

Why is the Watauga the only river you raft?

Three main reasons.  1) Guaranteed water levels, the other rivers tend to get too low to run.  2)  It’s a family river and we are all about family.  There is nothing like seeing the smile on a kid’s face when he rides rodeo through the Anaconda.  3)  The travel time is less than half than it is to the other rivers in the area.